Monday, March 21, 2011

How My Daddy Comforted Me


                                               I'm not an overly attractive girl. I'm kind of chubby, wear glasses, straight A student, gaming nerd. I wasn't a virgin before daddy. I slept with my share of the nerd herd and then some. My daddy is a very attractive man. Tall, muscular arms, tan, callused hands.

                                              My boyfriend of 3 months had just broken up with me. 2 weeks shy of my 16th birthday. I was inconsolable the first week. Then I got over it, but not completely......A few days before my birthday. I just cried the whole day. I would masturbate between cries to relieve some of the stress. One of the times while crying my dad came in my room. And sat on my bed, pulling me to him, and hugging me. Telling me everything was going to be okay. Like good daddy's do. When we heard a thud. The dildo I had been using fell out of my bed and onto the floor it was slippery with cum from a few minutes before. Daddy just stared at it. I was mortified and tried to explain.

                                         He listened. "Are you really that horny?" I blush. "Yeah, I just have so much tension." He grunted in thought. "Do you want me to help relieve you?" My eyebrows shot up in disbelief. Did he really just ask me that? "I've thought about it for a long time." He admitted. "Especially asince your mom hasn't given me any in almost 4 months." He laughs. "3 of those months I've been saving my load for you."

                                       I didn't know what to say. My head was spinning. Suddenly my dad pressed his lips against mine. I kissed back. He began tearing my clothes off and I his. "Amanda baby I'm going to fuck you raw." I gasp in between kisses. We're all over eachother. Finally after rolling around. I feel something long and hard and massively thick penetrate me. I moan as he thrusts in and out like a piston. He's so massive.....and energetic. Why would my mom ever want to stop fucking him?

                                      It's my turn to ride him. I stare at it. My dad is nearly 11 inches long, and 3 1/2 inches thick. I don't wanna ride him just yet. I lick the head of his cock, slowly down to the base. Then back up. I suck the head while I begin wanking his shaft. He tilts his head back and his eyes close. "God damn Amanda you suck cock like a pro. You like your daddy's big fat cock?"

                                     I nod and take the whole thing inmy mouth and throat without gagging. Bobbing up and down. Licking without taking my mouth off it. He begins humping my mouth. Before he can get off he pulls it out.

                                       "I want you to get on the floor on all fours." I do it. He mounts me from behind and takes me doggystyle. I moan. He grabs me by the hair and yanks my head back. Thrusting more than violently. his balls slapping my swollen lips. Knocking against my cervix. I'm sopping wet. "Tell me how much you love my cock!" He slaps my ass and bangs me harder. "I love your cock daddy! It's the best and biggest one I've ever had!" "Is this my pussy?" He spanks me again. "It's your pussy daddy. It's yours whenever you want." "Do you want me to stop?" Another hard, ass shaking slap. "No daddy please don't stop. Don't ever stop." "Do you want my fatherly spunk in your slutty little cunt?" "I want my cunt to ooze your spunk daddy! Oh! Cum in me! I'm your slutty bitch daughter." I will him slow then thrust deep in me as I feel his semen fill me. "It feels so good.....uh....." Instead of going limp.

                                       He rubs some of my body lotion on his cock and on my asshole. Soon he's gliding into my ass. I relax. As he goes in and out. After I'm relaxed. He goes faster, deeper, harder until he's exploding in my ass. I feel him pull out.

                                      We talk afterwards about keeping it a secret especially since I'm now 16. I'm on birth contol. We fuck at least twice a day. Weekends all day. I think my mom is figuring things out. It doesn't matter my dad's filing for divorce and has bought me an engagement ring.

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