Monday, March 21, 2011

How My Daddy Comforted Me


                                               I'm not an overly attractive girl. I'm kind of chubby, wear glasses, straight A student, gaming nerd. I wasn't a virgin before daddy. I slept with my share of the nerd herd and then some. My daddy is a very attractive man. Tall, muscular arms, tan, callused hands.

                                              My boyfriend of 3 months had just broken up with me. 2 weeks shy of my 16th birthday. I was inconsolable the first week. Then I got over it, but not completely......A few days before my birthday. I just cried the whole day. I would masturbate between cries to relieve some of the stress. One of the times while crying my dad came in my room. And sat on my bed, pulling me to him, and hugging me. Telling me everything was going to be okay. Like good daddy's do. When we heard a thud. The dildo I had been using fell out of my bed and onto the floor it was slippery with cum from a few minutes before. Daddy just stared at it. I was mortified and tried to explain.

                                         He listened. "Are you really that horny?" I blush. "Yeah, I just have so much tension." He grunted in thought. "Do you want me to help relieve you?" My eyebrows shot up in disbelief. Did he really just ask me that? "I've thought about it for a long time." He admitted. "Especially asince your mom hasn't given me any in almost 4 months." He laughs. "3 of those months I've been saving my load for you."

                                       I didn't know what to say. My head was spinning. Suddenly my dad pressed his lips against mine. I kissed back. He began tearing my clothes off and I his. "Amanda baby I'm going to fuck you raw." I gasp in between kisses. We're all over eachother. Finally after rolling around. I feel something long and hard and massively thick penetrate me. I moan as he thrusts in and out like a piston. He's so massive.....and energetic. Why would my mom ever want to stop fucking him?

                                      It's my turn to ride him. I stare at it. My dad is nearly 11 inches long, and 3 1/2 inches thick. I don't wanna ride him just yet. I lick the head of his cock, slowly down to the base. Then back up. I suck the head while I begin wanking his shaft. He tilts his head back and his eyes close. "God damn Amanda you suck cock like a pro. You like your daddy's big fat cock?"

                                     I nod and take the whole thing inmy mouth and throat without gagging. Bobbing up and down. Licking without taking my mouth off it. He begins humping my mouth. Before he can get off he pulls it out.

                                       "I want you to get on the floor on all fours." I do it. He mounts me from behind and takes me doggystyle. I moan. He grabs me by the hair and yanks my head back. Thrusting more than violently. his balls slapping my swollen lips. Knocking against my cervix. I'm sopping wet. "Tell me how much you love my cock!" He slaps my ass and bangs me harder. "I love your cock daddy! It's the best and biggest one I've ever had!" "Is this my pussy?" He spanks me again. "It's your pussy daddy. It's yours whenever you want." "Do you want me to stop?" Another hard, ass shaking slap. "No daddy please don't stop. Don't ever stop." "Do you want my fatherly spunk in your slutty little cunt?" "I want my cunt to ooze your spunk daddy! Oh! Cum in me! I'm your slutty bitch daughter." I will him slow then thrust deep in me as I feel his semen fill me. "It feels so good.....uh....." Instead of going limp.

                                       He rubs some of my body lotion on his cock and on my asshole. Soon he's gliding into my ass. I relax. As he goes in and out. After I'm relaxed. He goes faster, deeper, harder until he's exploding in my ass. I feel him pull out.

                                      We talk afterwards about keeping it a secret especially since I'm now 16. I'm on birth contol. We fuck at least twice a day. Weekends all day. I think my mom is figuring things out. It doesn't matter my dad's filing for divorce and has bought me an engagement ring.

Age Isn't Anything But A Number PART 2

                                                 A few days later and several times after jacking off to that video. I begin imagining and fantasizing that the little girl in the video is my Shelly. I imagine tasting her sweet innocent pussy. Her small little lips as she tries to take my cock in her mouth. Her green eyes watering at the size and pressure as my cock touches the back of my child's throat. My fingers knotting in her blond silky hair as I push my dick as for as it can go into her throat and having her obediently swallow the seed that birthed her.

                                               I'm washing the after dinner dishes while Shelly is on the couch watching tv in her white cotton night gown. I imagine the back of it soaked in cum and her virginal blood. I finally realize the video isn't doing it for me anymore. I need the REAL thing. My cock buried in my little girl's cunt. I finish the dishes, get in my loosest boxers and sit in my recliner.

                                             "Shelly baby come sit in daddy's lap." I smile as she walks over. I place her on my lap. We sit like that for a little while. I'm pondering on how to do this without scaring her. She's really interested in the show we're watching. I decide to place my hand on her leg. She doesn't move or look at me. My heart slowly starts beating faster as I slide my hand to her inner thigh. She moves about a little but not much. Still watching tv like a good girl. My heart quickening I stick a finger under the elastic band of her panties and touch one of her soft little lips. She looks at me confused, "Daddy what are you doing?"

                                            I take in a deep breath, my voice thick, "Lay your back against me and relax. Daddy's going to make you feel good." She blinks and does what I say.  I spread her legs open, and place each of her knees over my legs. I take another deep breath. "Just relax and close your eyes." I feel almost her full weight on my chest. I take my hand and slide it down the front of her panties. I begin running my finger up and down her pussy. It clenches. I whisper in her ear. "Relax it will feel good."

                                          Shelly relax's again and I stick a finger inside her slowly and begin finger fucking my 9 yr old Shelly! I take my other hand and begin rubbing her clit with 2 fingers while still fucking her with my finger. She lets out a deep breath "Does it feel good baby girl?" She nods. "Tell daddy how good." I smile. "It feels real good daddy." I beging slowing down. She places her hand on the hand I'm fingering her with. "Don't slow down daddy. Go fast again." I do as she says and begin rubbing her clit faster. She squirms in my lap, breathing fast, her inner thighs shuddering. And I know my little girl is about to cum. So I stick another finger in her and go faster, harder, and deeper. She begins making whimpering sounds close to moaning. She's biting her lip, eyes squeezed shut. Her little cunt begins to convulse and tighten on my fingers as she begins whimpering, "Aaah, ah, daddy, aah." She really clamps hard on my fingers and begins to quake as she squirts all over my hand. She's sopping wet.

                                       "Do you wanna make daddy feel good?" I say stroking her hair as I feel the last of her climax draining out. She turns to me confused again. "How?" I have her get naked and sit on the recliner. I pull my boxers off and my erection points at her like a finger. Her eyes widen. "Daddy what's that?" I laugh. "It's my cock." She turns her head to the side. "Your cock?" She says testing out the word. "M-hm." I take a step closer. "Now take your hand and do this." I demonstrate how to stroke it. She sticks out her hand nervously and grabs the base of the shaft. Her small hand only closing around half of it. "Now pump it like I showed you." She slowly moves her hand to the tip and back and back to the shaft. She does it 5 more times as precum begins to appear at the head of my cock. She stares at it. "What's that daddy?" "It's cum. Its what makes babies. Lick it slowly off." She leans toward it tongue already out and licks it. I put my hand on the back of her head and guide my dick into her little mouth. And slowly fuck her mouth as a little more comes out. She pulls away and licks her lips. "It tastes good. Is there anymore?" I push her mouth back onto my cock and tell her that there's plenty more.

                             After she can handle a little more of my man meat. I face fuck her a little faster. Her green eyes watering as she looks up at me. And I have her start playing with my balls. After 10 minutes of her licking and sucking I feel ready to bust. I have her get on the floor on her knees. "You wanna taste more of daddy's cum?" "Yes, daddy I wanna taste more of your cum. I want your babies in my mouth." I have her tilt her head back and open her mouth as I begin releasing jet after jet in her mouth. There's too much for her to swallow and it runs down her neck and chest. I don't even have to ask. She begins cleaning my dick off. Fervently licking and sucking any cum she can find.

                          I sit down in the chair for a moment and she climbs back into my lap. She looks at me smiling. "Daddy can I feel your cock in me like your fingers? Will you make babies in me?" I think for a moment. I don't want to hurt her like the father in the video. I remember the lube I keep that you use to numb your asshole for anal sex. I go and get it. And bring her to my bed. While I got the lube. I set the family video camera up in my room. She lays down on her back as I lube her glory box and finger her at the same time. She moans as I do it. I'm still in awe that I'm going to ravish my little girl.

                        I place myself over her and kiss her forehead, then I kiss her mouth, and begin frenching her and fingering her. I move down to her puffy nipples and suck on them. Kiss her belly button. Then position myself. "It's still going to hurt." She smiles. "I don't care daddy. I want to feel you in me." I tease her clit with the head of cock and then begin pressing it into her tight little squeeze box. She doesn't squinch her eyes shut. So the lube must be working. Even though its lubed I'm having trouble getting it in. I have her push down as I push in. I hear a small plop. And begin teasing her hole to loosen it. I get halfway in while slow fucking her. Shelly grinding against my dick while we do it whimpering and panting. "OOOOH daddy oooohhhhh your cock feels sooooo-oooooh good. Do it daddy. Pop it. I want it. oooooooh I want you daddy." So I leaned forward and thrusted deep inside her. She lets out a small yelp. But doesn't begin to cry. "Oh daddy! You're all the way in! Feel me up deeper!" So I do. But its not enough. "Faster daddy!!!!" I begin pounding her.

                       Shelly whimpers and her little hole clenches tightly even though its already tight as hell. "UUUUhhhh AAAAAhhh. I'm cumming daddy. Go harder." So I start pounding harder. She tightens more. I've never been squeezed so hard. I feel her covulse and she cums hard. She's so tight and I'm fucking her so hard and fast that I can't last. I arch my back, "OOOOh Shelly baby daddy's gonna cum. Daddy's gonna cum deep in your perfect little pussy!" She grinds harder. "Cum daddy cum!!!!" So I do. "AAAh AAAh.......Uhng." I fill my 9 year old daughters twat with my hot, thick, sticky cum. I've taken her virginity and got it all on tape. I collapse beside her. Shelly lays there panting. Eyes closed. I look down at her red cunt and see creamy pink fluid running out of her. Her cum, my spunk, and her blood. Running out of her.

                             I pat her head and say "Let's get you cleaned up."


Age Isn't Anything But A Number

                                                I'm a single father who works your average Joe 9-5 shift. I come home. I check on my daughter. I make dinner. Help her with homework. Make sure she gets ready for and off to bed. Then clean the house a little before settling in for the night. I usually sit in front of my big, flatscreen TV catching up on games and viewing old ones. Or I catch up with old buddies online.

                                               Tonight was one of those nights, when the past few days of sexual tension had began to build up on me and needed to be relieved. So I began surfing my usual pornsites. Stuff like: Barely Legal, Schoolgirls, Virgins. Mostly teen girls. When a pop up for an ad appears on my computer screen. It has no pictures of what its contents just says in big, bright, flashy letters: "YOUNG SWEET PUSSY, VIRGINAL LOVE HOLES, INNOCENT......" I don't finish reading it. I'm excited. So I click to enter it.

                                              I begin browsing the site, my long hard cock in hand. Most of these girls look super young, with really tight pussies, and small pink puckering assholes. I get really excited and feel my cock barely twitch as precum oozes out. They look so young. I get off to a few of the "free tour" videos, and decide to purchase a membership. After I'm fully in the site. I browse the categories. There's one that catches my eye: "Youngest, tighest pussy on the site." There's only one video in this category. I read the tags: tight, young, pussy, creampie, incest, father, daughter. I shrug. Some of my favorite sites are incest. Although I've never fantasized about anything of the sort.

                                            The description says: Father takes his youngest daughters virginity. I click on it. The first thing it shows is the man's daughter lying on the bed, legs dangling of the edge, they're spread, and he's between her legs eating her pussy. Which makes my cock swell again. You can't see the girl just her pussy. It's so small, and the hole looks smaller than a pea. He tentatively licks her click, his daughter shudders and her pussy clenches as her cum drips out, which he begins licking away, as more just oozes out of her, she shudders again, and lets out a soft moan. By now I'm slowly stroking my cock.

                                             The father then proceeds to stick his finger in slowly, slowly pulling it in and out while his thumb rubs her clit. Then he fingers her faster, after a min he sticks another finger. And she begins humping against his fingers. He pulls his fingers out. And then he has her scoot farther back on the bed and he climbs on it. He spits on his dick and then takes a hold of it, and begins pressing it on her tiny love hole. He pushes harder until the tip pops in, his daughter lets out a cry of pain, and scoots up from it. He grabs her thighs and pulls her back down, and pushes until he gets the tip of his head back in.

                                          This whole time they haven't shown his daughter face. But it's okay, I'm stroking my cock a little faster by now. I watch the father push slowly and a little bit harder than before. And gets it halfway in. His daughter wails it almost sounds child like. He then begins slowly fucking her although its not all the way. Finally they show his daughter face. And I'm horrified but totally fascinated. She looks no more than 8 yrs old! And her father looks about 35!!! But I can't stop watching. You can hear her  father in the background. "I'm going to bust your cherry now." You can hear him grunt as he pulls his dick almost out but not the tip. And slams it in her. The camera shows her face as he deflowers her. Her face bunches up in terrible pain and she lets out a high pitched wail. As she begins sobbing uncontrollably. Instead of being gentle like he was before. He's violently thrusting into her . Holding her hips. He then turns on his back while still in her and she's straddling him. He begins bucking into her like a wild bronco. Her small child ass bouncing up and down, you can hear his balls smacking her pussy. Once again he repositions himself without pulling out. This time he has her doggy and is unmercifully ramming her. The whole time I'm furiously jacking it. Finally the father starts groaning as he unleashes his load into her 8 yr old pussy while still banging the shit out of her. Her crying out in pain the whole time. Finally he stops as he finishes unloading and after a minute slowly pumps her as he milks a little more out. Then he slides it out. I bust my nut as I watch gobs of cum and blood leak out of her. A sexy, highly illegal cream pie.

                                                         I bookmark the video and get ready for bed the whole while thinking about what I just saw and got off to. I go upstairs and stand in my daughter's bedroom doorway. She's fast asleep. My little Shelly is only 9 yrs old a year older than girl in the video............